Ideas for Celebrating Ohio Local Foods Week

Ideas for Celebrating Ohio Local Foods Week

Food Production

Food and Business

  • Host a Toast to Ohio Local Foods - Download How-to Guide
  • If you are a business that serves local foods as part of a meal, use the Local Food placemats:

Food and Family

Food and Community

  • Host a Toast to Ohio Local Foods - Download How-to Guide
  • Spoken Event, an evening of stories about a topic such as “you are what you eat.” The event could be as formal as selling tickets as a fundraiser and hosting it in a historic theatre with a panel of judges to choose three winners of the best stories or it could be as simple as a gathering of people and a hat to draw names to take turns to tell any story related to the topic of food. There should be an agreed-upon time limit for each speaker and someone to keep time and/or emcee the event.  To see more information about the food-related Spoken event held this spring in Toledo, Ohio, visit   This event in Toledo also featured local foods for refreshments such as homemade gourmet jellies, cheese and crackers, popcorn and locally made cotton candy.
  • Organize a “local” farm tour – tours could be at a traditional rural farm, an urban agriculture site, community gardens, summer school gardens, a Community Supported Agriculture, etc.   For some great ideas of tours across the state in 2016, check out the Sustainable Ag Tour Brochure.
  • Promote local food topics and resources at scheduled programs that week.  For example, if you are hosting a nutrition class, mention what produce is in season and where it is available for a reasonable cost.
  • Promote the $10 Ohio Local Food Challenge in your community at
  • Host a food summit
  • Libraries – display on local food topics from agriculture to home food preservation to cookbooks.
  • Have a place to share videos?  Check out OSU Extension U Tube Channel with a variety of local foods topics
  • Share photos of your production on our Facebook page at or on Twitter at (#localfoodsOH).
  • Farmers’ Markets
  • Restaurants serving local food and using local food placemats: