Food, Justice & Health Equity Webinar Series

May 28, 2014 through Oct 15, 2014, 3:00pm - 2:00pm

This is a 4-part series co-sponsored by the National Medical Association, APHA and Healthy Food Action. Register once for all four. You may attend as many as you like, but are not required to attend all four.

Register once for the entire series.  Registration

April 10th, 2pm EST: Food justice, Obesity & the Social Determinants of Health.

Healthy communities depend on food environments that allow for access to healthy food. Where you live should not dictate how well you eat, or how that food is grown, but it often does. APHA President Elect, Shiriki Kumanyika, PhD, discusses food environments as drivers of obesity and related diseases, as well as critical elements in achieving health equity. Respondent Dr. Cecelia Martinez of the Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy (CEED) will discuss community indicators for food justice.

May: Transforming Community Food - Stories from the Ground Up.

The CDC's Community Transformation Grant Program has awarded over $170 million since 2011 to enact community-level programs that result in primary prevention of food-related diseases, like diabetes and heart disease. Hear three communities’ on-the-ground stories of trying to change their food systems, focused on what’s worked, and what challenges remain at the nexus of food justice, community and job development, and health equity.

September: Culture is health- Sovereignty and Food Systems.

Native and immigrant communities are among those most impacted by obesity, diabetes and related disease. Growing, cooking together and eating certain traditional foods are often integral to their cultures, key to social cohesion and community health. Yet these communities often have less-than-healthy food environments, where policies and other default conditions make access to highly processed, fatty and sugary non-traditional foods more available. Chronic disease prevention in native or immigrant communities is inseparable from food sovereignty, in the eyes of many.

October 15th: Building Healthy Food Systems, Overcoming Historical Trauma